They Just Wanna Testify

"I have been buying records and CD's from the Music Coop for many, many years. John and Trina Brenes have a unique selection that you can't find anywhere else. John's knowledge, appreciation, and support of early Blues, Gospel, and R&B has helped him forge strong friendships with many people in the music business, including me."
-Johnny Otis

"The best music is at the best record store on earth: Music Coop!! I have known John and Trina for 30 years and have yet to hear them say no to anything except corporate radio. I love these people and this place! If it's good music they have it."
-JD Souther

"The Music Coop is an incredible resource...they carry so much that's otherwise hard to know about and find. A Treasure..."
-Bonnie Raitt

"I don't go searching for my favorite music, I go to the Music Coop."
-Ramblin' Jack Elliott

"The Music Coop, they've been doin' it a long time. They're not only the best at what they do, they're the best people too. I'll stake my reputation on it. And that's sayin' a lot."
-Art Neville

"The best record store in the country!"
-Buddy Miller

"The Music Coop is a store operated by music lovers, for music lovers. It is my trusted and only source for all genres of music that I use in my research and teaching : classical, jazz, folk, and popular music of all periods and types.
John and Trina Brenes are supremely knowledgeable and wonderfully helpful people. They will order what you want if it's not already in stock in their amazingly full store. This is independent small business at it's very best."
-Larry Starr, Professor of Music History
University of Washington, Seattle.

"If you are looking for anything worth listening to, you will find it at the Music Coop. There is simply no better music store to be found anywhere!"
-Roy Rogers

"The Music Coop is an Oasis in the record store wasteland."
-Emmylou Harris

"The greatest independent record store in the world."
-Linda Ronstadt

"The Music Coop is like coming home and finding all my favorite records"
-Charlie Musselwhite

"Music Coop is one of the best record stores on the West Coast and John and Trina are arguably some of the most knowledgable people in the record business. Remember when you would go to a record store and spend hours looking and listening to records, asking the owner about their recommendations and then actually wanting to hear what they had to say? That's the experience at the Music Coop. We wouldn't buy our music anywhere else."
-Roman and Cilette, Gypsy Soul

"The Music Coop is the coolest. The best record store anywhere."
-Aaron Neville

"The Music Coop is where I wanna go when I die."
-Colin Linden

"I've been purchasing most of my music from "The Coop" for over 30 years. If it's out there, they can find it, if it's not already in stock! They're the best!"
-James "Hutch" Hutchinson